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lost the preacher Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qattan, who was known as the preacher of the pulpit for the defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque, after a health problem, after which he had been admitted to the hospital, at the age of 76.

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qattan is considered one of the most prominent preachers in Kuwait and well-known preachers and preachers in the Islamic world. He began his preaching career in the early seventies, adopting the method of moderation and moderation in his call, adopting Islamic issues and raising Muslim generations.

He was a preacher who defended Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion in 1990. He was also known for his positions in support of the right of the Palestinian people, and against calls for normalization with the Israeli occupation.

Ahmed bin Abdulaziz bin Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Qattan was born in the Al-Mirqab area on the sixth of December 1946, and received his first education in Al-Katatib, then he received his primary education at Qutaiba School, then intermediate education at Al-Shamiya School, then Al-Khalil bin Ahmed School. He obtained a teacher's diploma from the Teachers Institute in 1969.

Al-Qattan was pursuing moderation and moderation in his call (Kuwaiti press)

his preaching life

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qattan began his preaching career at Al-Sabih Mosque in 1970, by giving lessons from the tapes of Sheikh Hassan Ayoub after the afternoon prayer, then with the youth of the Social Reform Society until 1976, then began preaching at Al-Bassam Mosque in the Jahra area in 1976.

He adopted the issue of defending Al-Aqsa Mosque, so he established the Al-Aqsa Defense Forum and announced it in 1979 in the mosque in the Doha area, and Al-Qattan moved between the mosques of Kuwait as a lecturer and preacher at Al-Alban Mosque, then Al-Muzaini Mosque, then Al-Kulaib Mosque, then Jaber Al-Ali Suburb Mosque, and then Jaber Al-Ali Mosque In the South Surra region.

Al-Qattan has been involved in providing voluntary and fixed lessons and lectures in Kuwaiti schools aimed at preparing the Muslim generation and youth since his retirement from work in 1996. Quran Centers.

Al-Qattan’s participation in honoring the memorizers of the Noble Qur’an (Kuwaiti press)

great contributions

During the Iraqi invasion of his country, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qattan contributed to uniting ranks, reassuring hearts, and gaining the support of peoples by traveling to Arab and international countries and explaining the Kuwaiti issue in massive public meetings, as happened in Algeria, France, Britain and America until liberation was completed.

He also contributed to supporting expatriate students as their advisor since 1984, by following them up and participating in their annual conferences and gatherings, whether in the National Union of Kuwaiti Students or the Arab Muslim Youth League, adopting all Muslim issues until 1994, then communicating with them through various contacts.

Al-Qattan also worked as a consultant in many charitable committees that serve Muslims in African countries, the Philippines and Pakistan by supervising the establishment of development projects such as schools, orphanages, etc. And through his tapes, many sheikhs and preachers inside and outside Kuwait.

He has many books, including: The Believing Touches series for the Muslim family, the series of raising children in Islam, the series of preaching thoughts, the artistic mold series, the reading series for the book Riyadh Al-Salihin, the Palestinian People’s Revolution series, the Sovereignty of God series, the preparation of the conquerors, the series Keys to Paradise, and a series with Young.

He moved to the mercy of God Almighty, the preacher Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qattan at the age of 76 years. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.


— Majlis (@Almajlliss) May 23, 2022

against normalization

Al-Qattan warned against normalization with the Israeli occupation. "Peace and surrender projects" fail as long as the Palestinian people do not obtain their legitimate rights.

It is noteworthy that the Board of Directors of the Social Reform Society, through the “Nama Charity” Association, launched the endowment of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qattan for the general good and support of Al-Aqsa Mosque, in fulfillment of those who vowed his life to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque and as an expression of his sincere love in the hearts of his brothers and his lovers.