China News Service, May 24. According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network" report, Taiwan's "Coastal Inspection Administration" first launched the 600-ton Anping-class warship "Anping" at Jiupeng Base in the early morning of today (24th). For the first time in the outer seas, the "Xiongfeng II" anti-ship missile shooting mission was carried out.

  This is also the second time since the establishment of Taiwan's "Coastal Inspection Agency", after the Weixing ship, that the "Yuji" missile shooting mission has been successfully carried out.

The Anping-class ships are equipped with a modular system for launching "Xiong 2" and "Xiong 3" missiles. This year's "Hanguang Exercise" does not rule out the "Xiong 3" missile verification.

Taiwan's "Coastal Inspection Agency" Anping ship test-fired the "Yuji" missile for the first time in the early morning of May 24.

Data map: Taiwan "China Times News Network"

  The senior officials of the "Sea Patrol Administration" revealed that the Anping ship recently cooperated with the Taiwan Navy's shooting training in May, and completed the assembly of the "Xiongfeng II" anti-ship missile system at the Zuoying Military Port, while loading live ammunition for shooting training.

It is understood that the personnel on the Ping An ship are not qualified to launch missiles, so today's exercise was conducted by the Taiwan Navy with reference to the "peace-to-war conversion" training, and the Navy sent four operators to carry out shooting tasks.

  In order to carry out the "Xiong Feng II" missile firing verification, the Anping ship carried out the annual "Sea Power Exercise" with the Taiwan Navy Fleet at the end of March. During this anti-ship live-fire training, the Ping An ship was also equipped with a missile launch control combat system and command and control equipment at the Zuoying Military Port.

  According to the shooting bulletin issued by the Taiwan military, the Taiwan Navy will conduct live ammunition shooting on May 24-26; May 27 and 30-31 are preparation days, and the shooting range will be from Jiupeng Base in Pingtung to Green Island and Off the coast of Lanyu, the range is more than 200 kilometers.

  The 600-ton Anping-class frigates are expected to build 12 ships, and they will cooperate with the "planning for the use of sea patrol forces in wartime" formulated by Taiwan's defense authority, and have the ability to "convert between peace and war" in order to "assist the navy in war". According to the characteristics of various ships of the "Coastal Inspection Department", the Taiwan Navy Command can assign combat tasks to each ship in order to effectively carry out joint maritime operations.

  Coast Patrol officials said that in addition to general law enforcement, in order to verify that the "Xiongfeng" missile can be equipped at any time during wartime for ship-to-ship attack, the Anping-class ship has reserved a missile launch and radar combat system modular carrier, except for today's During the exercise, during the "Hanguang" actual military exercise in September this year, the Anping ship may even test the "Xiongsan" missile.

  In addition to the missile launchers and radars, the Anping-class ships are equipped with modular platforms for combat systems, which can be modified at any time in response to wartime.

Usually, it is fixedly equipped with the "Zhenhai Rocket" system developed by Taiwan's "Zhongshan Research Institute", the Taiwan-made remote-controlled T-75S Navy Type 20 cannon, and high-pressure water cannons.