Plot to assassinate former US President George Bush Jr. revealed

Forbes magazine revealed a plot to assassinate former US President George W. Bush in Texas, Dallas, last November.

It said the alleged activist was linked to ISIS and traveled to Dallas to film the former president's home, hoping that his collaborators would sneak across the Mexican border.

The FBI announced that it uncovered the scheme through the work of two undercover informants and monitoring the alleged scheme's account on the Meta-owned WhatsApp platform.

According to the FBI, the suspect said he "wanted to assassinate Bush because he felt the former president was responsible for killing many Iraqis and dismantling the country after the US military invasion in 2003."

The FBI memo revealed that the conspiracy organizer had been in the United States since 2020 and had a pending asylum application, noting that federal agents used two different classified sources to investigate the plot, one claiming to provide assistance in obtaining fake immigration documents and proof, and the second an alleged agent of the alleged people smuggler. , who was willing to pay thousands of dollars to bring his family to the United States.

In November the suspect revealed to the FBI the plot to assassinate Bush and asked the classified source whether he knew how to "obtain a replica or forged police copy or FBI identities and badges to help carry out the operation, and whether the conspirators could be smuggled out of the country." The country is the same way they entered after the end of their mission.”

Investigators said the alleged smuggler said he also wanted to find and assassinate a former Iraqi general because he helped the Americans during the war and was believed to be living under a false identity in the United States.

The memo said that the alleged plotter claimed to be part of a unit called "Thunder", which was commanded by a former Iraqi pilot who was stationed in Qatar until his recent death, indicating that the unit was to send up to seven members of it to the United States to kill Bush.

The suspect's job was to "locate and monitor the residence and offices of the former president and obtain firearms and vehicles for use in assassination." After traveling to Dallas with an informant to videotape the Bush home, the accused took more footage at the George W. Bush Institute.

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