On the 24th, three months after the start of the military invasion by Russia, Ukrainian President Zelensky responded to NHK's independent interview for the first time as a Japanese media at the presidential office in the capital Kiuv.

In it, President Zelensky said, "We will return the territory to the state before February 24 and then come to the table for negotiations with Russia," unless the territory is regained to the state before the invasion of Russian troops. He expressed the idea that ceasefire negotiations with Russia would be difficult.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to an interview with NHK at the presidential office in the capital Kieu on the 24th.

Among them, President Zelensky said that Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine three months ago. "Some countries thought that Ukraine would be occupied by Russia in three days, but on the 3rd. It's been three weeks, and three months have passed. I didn't think Russia's attempt would succeed because the world around Ukraine was united. " He expressed his determination to continue the fight to protect the country, saying that he was able to fight the Russian army with support.

He added, "I'm sure we have to regain all our territory, but that will come at a cost. We want to get it back to what it was before February 24th. Then we'll be at the negotiating table. He said that it would be difficult to negotiate a ceasefire with Russia unless the territory was regained to the state before the Russian troops invaded.

President Zelensky thanked Japan for its support and said, "It is important to unite in the quad, the framework of the four countries of Japan, the United States, Australia and India, in order to send a signal to other countries." He also expressed his hopes for the role of Japan in hosting the quad summit.

This is the first time President Zelensky has responded to an interview with the Japanese media since the military invasion by Russia on February 24th.