During the night from Sunday to Monday, around 3 a.m., the Toulouse police received a call from a young woman explaining to them that a friend of hers was in danger in the Bagatelle district.

She was at the home of the young woman when her former boyfriend, very alcoholic, showed up and wanted to enter the apartment.

To manage to return, he even climbed the scaffolding which overlooked the window of his accommodation.

Frightened, his former girlfriend went down to the lobby of the building.

But the man was already there to threaten her with a knife.

He made him go up to the apartment and told his ex's girlfriend to leave, closing behind the door and locking himself in with the one who had left him.

When they got there, the police managed to have the young woman open the door.

His 23-year-old attacker, who had meanwhile hit him in the face, had taken refuge in a bedroom.

He was arrested and placed in police custody for aggravated violence and kidnapping.

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