• The legislative elections will take place on June 12 and 19, 2022.

  • Loire-Atlantique has ten constituencies and therefore ten deputies to be elected.

They are therefore 118, or 38 less than five years ago.

Some 118 people, 53 women and 65 men, will seek a mandate as deputy in one of the ten Loire-Atlantique constituencies during the legislative elections on June 12 and 19, according to the official list unveiled by the Ministry of the Interior and validated by the prefecture.

Among these candidates, the vast majority of the ten outgoing deputies, all supported by the presidential majority, want to leave for a turn.

Only of them of them are no longer showing.

In the first constituency, that of Nantes-Orvault, the former minister François de Rugy, deputy since 2007, thus announced in April that he was not representing himself, choosing to take a step back with national political life and to devote himself to his mandate as regional councilor in Pays-de-la-Loire.

It is his deputy, Nantes Mounir Belhamiti, who has already served as an interim on the benches of the National Assembly, who will seek his succession.

In the 6th constituency (Ancenis, Blain, Châteaubriant), Yves Daniel, elected since 2012, first with the PS, then with the LREM label, also chose not to stand again.

Aged 67, he left politics.

The Republic on the move will be embodied by Jordan Esnault.

Josso and Brunet indeed candidates

The eight other outgoing deputies therefore covet a new mandate.

Including the former Secretary of State in charge of Youth, Sarah El-Haïry (MoDem), who left the government last week.

The one who hopes to be re-elected MP for the 5th constituency (Carquefou, Nort-sur-Erdre) was replaced in the assembly for almost two years by Luc Geismar.

Uncertain due to a legal dispute with a former parliamentary attaché and a lack of local support, Sandrine Josso was reinvested as MoDem-LREM candidate in the seventh constituency (La Baule, Guérande, Pontchâteau).

As for Anne-France Brunet, MP for the 3rd constituency (Nantes West, Saint-Herblain), the former stronghold of Jean-Marc Ayrault,

Among the candidates dreaming of taking their place as deputy, few personalities known to the general public.

We should nevertheless mention Hélène Defrance (LO) on the first constituency (Nantes-Orvault), Sophie Van Goethem on the 3rd (Saint-Herblain, West Nantes), Julie Laernoes (EELV) on the 4th (Rezé, Bouguenais) or even Gauthier Bouchet (RN) on the 8th (Saint-Nazaire, Savenay).


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