The show didn't quite go as planned.

Sunday evening, a man under hypnosis was injured while participating in Messmer's show, at the Espace Mayenne in Laval.

The man, "particularly receptive to the waves of the Quebec artist", was asked to go on stage after a small group was already there, reports France Bleu Mayenne.

Transported in the skin of one of the guitarists of the rock group Kiss, the spectator, who had apparently not been aware of the safety instructions, got agitated until crossing a white band.

He then fell from the scene and was picked up by firefighters, who evacuated him.

According to France Bleu, the spectator escaped with a broken left collarbone and a sprained right wrist.

The man, a professional musician, is said to have planned to seek financial compensation.

The production, which contacted the victim, assured that this is the first time that such an accident has occurred during a show by the star hypnotist Messmer.


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