Jacques Serais, edited by Laura Laplaud 10:06 a.m., May 24, 2022

Emmanuel Macron maintains the instructions he had already set in 2017: the ministers defeated in the legislative elections will have to resign from the government.

A rule which concerns 15 ministers and which also applies to the Prime Minister who is running in the 6th district of Calvados. 

If the Prime Minister fails in the legislative elections on June 12 and 19, she will have to resign.

"Élisabeth Borne is a committed woman, she stands before universal suffrage, I know how much she cares about convincing the French in her constituency in Normandy and if this were not to be the case, the first of us would be concerned. by the rule enacted by the President of the Republic", declares the spokesperson of the government, Olivia Grégoire.

A defeat for Elisabeth Borne remains unlikely

If that were to happen, all the ministers would fall with it, because the resignation of a Prime Minister brings with it that of his government.

This candidacy is therefore not without risk.

Especially since Elisabeth Borne, very little established between Vire and Evrecy, has the delicate mission of succeeding Alain Tourret.

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This outgoing En Marche MP, a former member of the Radical Left Party, is a local figure.

He was mayor for 37 years and has three terms of deputy to his credit, quite the opposite of the Prime Minister who is living her first campaign.

At this stage, a defeat for Elisabeth Borne is considered unlikely.

For good reason, in the 6th district of Calvados, Emmanuel Macron came out on top in the first and second rounds of the presidential election.