This is a touching moment -

  On the morning of February 11, 2018, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Sanhe Village, Sanchahe Township, Zhaojue County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Come to say goodbye to the Yi villagers.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping waved and said, "Goodbye, little one."

  The two Yi children shouted, "Grandpa Xi, goodbye."

  The two children, one 6-year-old and 8-year-old at the time, were the two sons of Luo Gucihuo, a villager on the left of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the picture.

The woman with the child was the wife of Luo Gucihuo, Zheermo.

  The photo freezes the moment of warmth between the general secretary and the Luo Gucihuo family.

  Luo Gucihuo still remembered that General Secretary Xi Jinping turned around after saying hello and said, "Don't lose the education of children at the starting line."

  In the photo, there is a slogan written in Yi and Chinese on the outer wall of the Luogucihuo home - "The rivers are endless, and the knowledge is never finished".

  Education is the fundamental measure to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

The education of children in poverty-stricken areas has always been a major concern for the General Secretary.

  Zhaojue County, where General Secretary Xi Jinping visited this time, is the county where the "Cliff Village" is located, where local children used to climb rattan ladders to go to school.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been thinking about the "cliff village" and the local children.

On March 8, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation of the Sichuan delegation at the Fifth Session of the 12th National People's Congress. He mentioned "Cliff Village" in particular. He said that he had seen reports on "Cliff Village" in Liangshan Prefecture on TV. Especially looking at the travel status of the villagers, I feel very worried.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said that I have been to most of the contiguous destitute areas in the country, and I will go to Luliang and Liangshan as soon as possible.

  This inspection is exactly what General Secretary Xi Jinping agreed a year ago.

  On the way back from the discussion with the villagers in Sanhe Village, General Secretary Xi Jinping also learned about the current situation of the "Cliff Village" with concern, and asked the local cadres while walking: "Is the "Cliff Village" in your county? How do you plan to relocate? If conditions permit, rural tourism can be appropriately developed.”

  The local cadres who accompanied the inspection showed the general secretary the relocation and rural tourism plans of "Cliff Village" and Sanhe Village.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping was very happy to learn that the local relocation of villages including "Cliff Village" and rural tourism had been listed on the agenda. He specifically instructed the staff: "If you want to take it back, I will take a good look."

  Seeing General Secretary Xi Jinping stand down and speak, the two Yi children who just greeted him ran forward and reluctantly surrounded General Secretary Xi Jinping.

  "The general secretary was not angry at all, and he smiled and touched the faces of the two children." Luo Gucihuo recalled the scene at that time and is still very heartwarming.

  For this inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping spent more than 4 hours traveling back and forth along the winding mountain road with deep slopes.

  Sanhe Village, a typical Yi village.

It is located on a mountain ridge at an altitude of 2500 meters.

Every family's courtyard walls and houses are made of mud, and the cracks are worrying.

  In Sanhe Village, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Jimuziluo's old grandma's house to have a "fire pond dialogue" with the local people.

  "I have always cared about my fellow Yi people. Liangshan and Liangshan, I have always wanted to come to this place, and it is more emotional to be there."

  "Our socialism is to let the people live a happy and beautiful life, and to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, not one nation, one family, or one person can be missing."

  The intimate words by the fire pond made the people of Yi village feel warm.

  The general secretary has provided a good recipe for local poverty alleviation - continue to increase the intensity of poverty alleviation and relocation, develop the planting and breeding industry according to local conditions, and strengthen the training of practical and vocational skills... "The most important thing is that education must keep up, and we must not let it go. Children lose at the starting line."

  "The promises made by the Communist Party to the people must be fulfilled!" General Secretary Xi Jinping said earnestly to the local cadres.

  "The mountains and flowers are waiting, the fragrance of wine is waiting, precious friends, friends, please stay, stay..."

  General Secretary Xi Jinping left Sanhe Village and went to the nearby Huopu Village for inspection. When he left, the Yi people lined up in a long queue and sang "The Song of Staying Guests" in unison.

  The soulful melody reverberated in the sky above Daliang Mountain for a long time... (Reporter Hou Xuejing)