• Le Grand Rocher was designed by the architect Letrosne in 1934

  • The building was closed in 1982 and 2008 due to wear and dilapidation

  • Work, thanks to donor support, could begin in the summer of 2022 for an opening by 2024.

Some call it

The Eiffel Tower of eastern Paris

, others compare it to a concrete cathedral, Le Grand Rocher du Parc Zoologique de Paris, a masterpiece of architecture, enthroned at 65 meters, operates a makeover.

To this end, the National Museum of Natural History is launching a campaign to appeal for donations with the support of the Heritage Foundation, to help finance the work with a view to welcoming visitors again.

The objective is to raise 100,000 euros, the remaining 800,000 euros will be financed by external funds and the Museum's own funds.

What will the donations be used for?

Initially, the collection will be used to renovate the interior of the nave located on the ground floor of the monument.

This involves strengthening the slabs, repairing the electricity and the fire safety system, as well as substantial work on the lighting.

Returning the Grand Rocher to its public

A majestic building made up of 2 water towers which continue to irrigate all the basins of the zoological park, the Grand Rocher, built in 1934, is astonishingly modern, thanks to its architectural principle and its elevator, the fastest in the world for the 'era !

Its staircase built on the model of Chambord gives it the appearance of great monuments.

For Jérôme Gestin, Deputy Director General of the National Museum of Natural History, the donation campaign, beyond its financial aspect, aims to


the site with its public.

“This Rock is a landmark in the collective imagination, a transgenerational link that must be preserved”.

Exhibitions, events, demonstrations, will allow the visitor to reclaim the monument.

The collection of sharing and back to nature is open!

For any contribution from 20 euros, donors will be able to benefit from privileged monitoring of the progress of the work in a digital newsletter with unpublished photos and videos...

To make a donation

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