American doctors have sounded the alarm after several hospitalizations of infants across the country following a shortage of infant formula.

The phenomenon is due to the closure of an Abbott factory, a major manufacturer of baby products, but also to supply difficulties, explains



Hospitalizations across the country

At least four infants have been admitted to the Medical University of South Carolina due to nutritional deficiencies related to the shortage,

Business Insider

reports .

"Pediatric dietitians work with doctors to find a formula that works for each child's needs," the facility's spokesperson said.

Recently, other US healthcare facilities in Atlanta, Memphis and Tennessee have seen their first hospitalizations.

Faced with a lack of formula milk for their babies, some parents have turned to products resold at high prices online.

Families unable to afford this luxury have sometimes tried to make infant milk themselves.

Here too, American doctors have warned of the dangers of these homemade recipes.

The products used are indeed chosen for their ease in being digested by newborns.

“Prioritize the main ingredients”

Faced with the shortage, Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to help manufacturers produce infant milk.

Asking companies to prioritize key infant formula ingredients will help increase production and speed up supply chains.


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