The leaders of four countries, the United States, Japan, Australia, and India, gathered today (24th).

There was discussion over how to check China, which is trying to expand its power in the Indo-Pacific region, and China was once again furious.

Correspondent Park Sang-jin delivered the news from Tokyo, Japan, where the meeting was held.


U.S. President Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, Australian Prime Minister Albanage, and Indian Prime Minister Modi gathered at the residence of the Japanese Prime Minister for the Quad Summit, a security consultative body of four countries.

The quad face-to-face summit is the second after being held in the United States in September last year.

[President Biden/USA: We have a lot of work to do to keep the region peaceful and stable.]

After the meeting, the leaders of the four countries expressed their concerns about the situation in Ukraine and expressed their concern for the complete denuclearization of North Korea. They said they agreed to cooperate.

The core agenda was measures to contain China.

[Kishida/Prime Minister of Japan: I have confirmed that any attempt to change the status quo by unilateral force will never be tolerated anywhere, especially in the Indo-Pacific.]

Cooperate with advanced technology supply chains such as 5G mobile communication to de-China communication equipment In the meantime, we agreed to cooperate in tracking and monitoring illegal fishing in China using satellite-based systems.

In time, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced plans for Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit eight island countries in the South Pacific.

This is a check in against the US encirclement strategy in China, but in relation to the Taiwan issue, he once again made a thorny remark.

[Wang Won-bin / Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: I suggest that the United States listen to an old song circulated in China.

When friends come, there is a good drink.

If Seungnyang arrives, he will be hit with a shotgun.]

Last month, China signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands, called Australia's backyard, to dispatch Chinese ships. is expected to grow even more vigilant.

(Video coverage: Cheol-Min Han, Hyun-Jin Moon)

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