A Russian diplomat in Geneva has resigned publicly in protest against his country's invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian diplomat criticized the war in order to enjoy eternal power, saying, "The country has never been so ashamed."

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo reports.

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is a post posted on his SNS yesterday (23rd) by 41-year-old Boris Bondarev, a Russian diplomat in Geneva.

“I resigned today,” he confessed, saying, “I have never felt so ashamed of my motherland as on February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine.”

He also criticized that he started the war to stay in power forever, as if aimed at Russian President Putin, but that not only Ukraine but also the Russian people were sacrificed.

[Boris Bondarev/Russian Diplomat: When I asked the purpose of the war and why it should be like this, the only answer was that it was going well.

He couldn't stand it any longer as a diplomat.]

He said he could no longer play a shameful role as a veteran diplomat of 20 years, he said he would be punished but he would return to Russia.

[Boris Bondarev/Russian Diplomat: The message I want to say when I resign is that we must not just observe the situation, but sometimes act.]

The Russian government has not made any official statement on this.

In the midst of this, Kirillo Budanou, head of the Ukrainian military's defense intelligence department, said in an interview with local media that there had been an assassination attempt on Putin about two months ago.

He said it was a completely unsuccessful attempt, but he did not provide details, saying that it actually happened.

(Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)