The government is closely monitoring North Korea's movements, and there is an observation that North Korea will fire additional long-range ballistic missiles as early as this week.

When U.S. President Biden came to Korea last week, there was also an analysis that North Korea would launch a provocation, but there was a reason why it passed quietly. 

Ahn Jung-shik, a reporter specializing in North Korea, will explain why.


A large-scale mortuary was set up at the Pyongyang 4.25 Cultural Center. 

This is the funeral home of Marshal Hyon Chol-hae of the People's Army, who is known to be the leader of the military during the Kim Jong-il era and who was in charge of training the successor to Kim Jong-un. 

Hyeon Chol-hae died on the 19th, the day before U.S. President Biden's visit to Korea, and North Korea has decided to appoint Kim Jong-un as the chairman of the funeral service. 

Following the funeral on the 20th, General Secretary Kim attended the launching ceremony on the 22nd, when President Yoon Seok-yeol and President Biden visited the Osan Aerospace Operations Headquarters, and even carried the coffin in person, exceptionally. 

[Chosun Central TV: Soldiers of the Korean People's Army (April 25 Cultural Center) at the time of sorrow to say goodbye to the late comrade Hyeon-Chol-Hae were lined up.] 

Although the situation is under full control due to the corona virus, a large number of citizens were mobilized on the streets of Pyongyang where the trucks passed. . 

General Secretary Kim also attended the funeral ceremony, refusing to use a shovel and sprinkling soil on the coffin with his own hands. 

[Chosun Central TV: He put soil on the remains of the deceased while suppressing the sorrow of the elders of the revolution.] 

During Biden's visit to Korea, the pros and cons of provocations were also questioned, but as a large-scale funeral was held in North Korea, it was difficult to carry out a large-scale provocation. 

Corona, another variable in North Korea's provocation, has ostensibly stabilized as the number of new fevers fell below 200,000 for two days in a row. 

After the mass funeral, the obstacles to provocation have been lifted as the spread of Corona has subsided. 

(Video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon)