We will have waited a long time: the team of the new Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne must set foot on Monday shortly before 10 a.m. on the gravel of the Elysée for a Council of Ministers which really launches the second five-year term of Emmanuel Macron, with already a false note: the rape charges against Damien Abad.

Macron II, act 1, scene 2. Nearly a month after the re-election of the Head of State and three days after the end of the long maturation which presided over the casting of Matignon as ministers, the new government meets at the large complete with on the menu the main priorities drawn by the president, school, health, ecological transition but also the fight against inflation.

Purchasing power priority

"The first text examined by the new National Assembly will therefore be on purchasing power", confirmed Borne in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche.

The Prime Minister has listed various measures provided for by this future text, concretely an amending law for the 2022 budget: extension of the tariff shield, food check, raising of the index point for civil servants, abolition of the audiovisual license fee, etc.

So many measures with a sweet taste for households but at a salty cost for public finances, as the legislative elections loom for which the majority is favored despite a probable strong push from the united left.

The surprise guest

This Council of Ministers will be the occasion for a first lap for the newcomers to a Borne government which nevertheless has a majority of members of the outgoing team (14 out of a total of 27 members).

Among the new faces, that of the Minister of National Education, the academic Pap Ndiaye, will be at the center of attention.

The only real surprise of the new executive, his appointment has sparked a barrage of furious reactions from the far right, which accuses him of "wanting to deconstruct the country".

But a surprise guest also burst onto the political agenda of the executive: Damien Abad, ex-president of the LR group in the National Assembly and the main war prize of macronie since the victory of the outgoing president on April 24.

Appointed Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled People, Abad, himself disabled, faces serious accusations of rape in an article published on Saturday by Médiapart, which he denies "with the greatest force".

accused of rape

According to Mediapart, two women, whose testimony the newspaper collected, accuse Damien Abad, 42, of rape in 2010 and 2011. A report was made last week to LR, LREM and the justice system which says the analyze.

The Paris prosecutor's office has already dismissed two complaints in 2012 and 2017 from one of the complainants.

After the criticisms aimed at the investiture of LREM Jérôme Peyrat, sentenced in 2020 for violence against an ex-companion, and who finally resolved to withdraw his candidacy, the executive and the majority must face a new storm on the file. violence against women.

The case also echoes the case of Taha Bouhafs who withdrew his candidacy for LFI in the legislative elections before the existence of an internal investigation was revealed after accusations of sexual violence against the young militant journalist.

"We first believe the word of women," commented Sunday, the rebellious leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“Not aware” terminal

"Not aware" of these cases before their revelation by Médiapart, Elisabeth Borne promised to draw "all the consequences" in the event of "new elements" and referral to justice, during a trip to Calvados where she is seeking a first term as deputy.

Three weeks before the first round of the legislative elections, the Elysée has also put pressure on the fourteen minister-candidates.

In accordance with an unwritten rule dating from 2007, and already enacted in 2017 by Emmanuel Macron, they will have to resign in the event of defeat in this next election.

A rule that also applies to Borne.


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