Parts of the school's area are cordoned off after a man was found shot in Funkabo on Sunday evening.

At three o'clock, the police announced that the man had died and a preliminary investigation into the murder had been initiated.

Other premises

This affects students at Funkaboskolan on Monday.

- Pupils in preschool class up to and including year 3 will not be able to go to school today.

Parents are encouraged to arrange for their children to be at home today.

We accept those who can not be at home, but they can stay in other premises, says Mats Linde, head of school in Kalmar.

The children's playground is located in the cordoned off area where the police are conducting a technical investigation.

- We do not access our outdoor environment or the premises either, says Mats Linde.

Mats Linde also says that the school worked during the morning to inform guardians about the canceled teaching.

Available as support

The school is prepared to receive any questions from students.

- Staff are on hand to give students support and teachers accustomed to talking to children, says Mats Linde.

Students in grades 4-9 have a school day as usual and are not affected.