It was a unanimous municipal board that voted for the Moderates' proposal to reject discharge from liability.

- The chair of the municipal board, Catarina Pettersson, went out during the meeting and did not participate in the vote, due to the fact that there will be a conflict situation as the canal company is municipally owned and she is the canal company's chairman, says Jenny Landernäs.

In April, VLT reported that the channel company's CEO paid salaries in the form of tools, instead of money, to his partner.

- The responsibility for the error was placed on the cannabis company's CEO, but the board has been aware of this since July and has not acted forcefully enough.

They have also not informed the municipality that is the owner of Strömsholm's canal company, says Jenny Landernäs (M).

Damaged trust

Confidence in the board no longer exists.

- We know that, for example, Västerås municipality is discussing refraining from contributing to Strömsholm's channel.

A new management is needed to restore trust and get a fresh start for the business, says Jenny Landernäs.

But the issue is still unresolved.

- May 31 is the AGM and then it is decided what happens, via the voting representatives.

But a unanimous municipal board is a powerful signal, says Jenny Landernäs.