The Quad Consultation, a security consultative body led by the United States and participated by Japan, Australia and Japan, will be held in Japan today (24th).

President Biden said at a press conference after the US-Japan summit yesterday that he would intervene military if China invades Taiwan. 

Correspondent Park Sang-jin from Tokyo.


Quad is a security consultative body formed by the United States with Japan, Australia and India to contain China.

At today's meeting, the four countries are expected to discuss ways to cooperate in high-tech fields such as 5G mobile communication and biotechnology against China.

It will also announce a maritime plan to combat illegal fishing in China.

Today's quad meeting is the second face-to-face meeting and the fourth since Biden took office, including video conferences.

Earlier, the focus of the US-Japan summit held yesterday was also focused on China's containment.

[ Kishida

/Prime Minister of Japan: The United States and Japan have decided to closely link with each other on various issues surrounding China, including attempts to change the status quo by force and human rights issues.]

said that it can be done.

[Biden/President of the United States: (Are you willing to engage in military intervention to defend Taiwan?)

It is our responsibility.]

This is the most powerful and explicit statement in support of Taiwan so far, and when this remark was broadcast live, a White House official said that the U.S. policy toward Taiwan has not changed and began to evolve.

Prime Minister Kishida said that President Biden supported Japan's increase in defense spending and a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.