Kim Jong-un, general secretary of the North Korean Workers' Party, attended both the funeral and funeral ceremonies of Marshal Hyon Chol-hae, who died on the 19th, and showed sincere courtesy by personally transporting the coffin with the body.

North Korean media reported that Kim Jong-un attended the funeral ceremony of Hyon Chol-hae held at the April 25 Cultural Center in Pyongyang yesterday (22nd).

According to the Korean Central News Agency, General Secretary Kim said, "I can't help but feel the pain of the great loss of the solid revolutionary who was the most respected revolutionary senior and an elder in the military."

General Secretary Kim, who served as the 'Chairman of the National Funeral Committee', also attended the funeral ceremony held at the tomb of the patriotic martyr in Sinmi-ri and put soil on the remains with his own hands.

The North Korean military fired 180 rounds of muskets during the ceremony to bury Hyeon Chol-hae's remains.

Hyeon Chol-hae is a key figure in the military who was called the three key military officers during the Kim Jong-il era, and is known to have taught a successor class to Kim Jong-un.

(Photo=Pyongyang Chosun Central News Agency, Yonhap News)