Joe Biden's support for Taiwan, during his trip to Japan, angers China

Joe Biden in Tokyo, May 23, 2022. AP - Eugene Hoshiko

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The United States will intervene in the event of an invasion of Taiwan, said, this Monday, May 23, Joe Biden visiting Japan.

A statement that caused a strong reaction in Beijing. 


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with our correspondent in Beijing


Stéphane Lagarde

Determination to defend Taiwan on the American side, determination to defend what China considers to be "its sovereignty", every word counts in this diplomatic arm wrestling between the two first powers which for years have pushed back the Taiwanese question, or at least were content to remain in the ambiguity of the 1979 agreement when the United States recognized Mao's China as a single China, while continuing to support Taipei.

Beijing hoped for a return of Taiwan to the continental fold with the development of the Chinese economy.

But the years have done nothing and Taiwanese democracy demonstrates at each election that it does not want to change the system.

The discourse then hardened on the Chinese side.

The desire to reunite the two shores of the Strait of Formosa replacing the fight against the Taiwanese separatists in the discourse of the leaders.

For their part, the United States has increased its exports of military equipment to the island, some not hesitating to draw a parallel with the situation in Ukraine.

We agreed with the one China policy, we signed it (…), but the idea that (Taiwan) can be taken by force is simply not appropriate

”, put in keeps Joe Biden in Tokyo.

We urge the United States (…) to avoid sending the wrong signals to the independence forces

” in Taiwan, Wang-Wenbin replied on Monday, May 23.

No one should underestimate the Chinese people's firm determination, strong will and powerful ability to uphold national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“, continued the spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy during his daily press briefing.

When meeting his Pakistani counterpart in Canton on Sunday, May 22, Wang Yi, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs had already affirmed that the United States and their "little clique" would not be able to contain China.

Beijing reacts strongly to Joe Biden's trip to Asia, but on the economic level the negotiations seem to be on the way to success.

The American president having hinted that he could lift the economic sanctions against Beijing, decided under the Trump administration.

A way for the United States, by relaunching trade, to try to bring down inflationary pressure.

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