The Japan-US summit meeting between Prime Minister Kishida and US President Joe Biden began after 11:00 am.

This is the first full-scale face-to-face meeting, and the two leaders are first holding a meeting with only two people, including only an interpreter.

Prime Minister Kishida entered the guesthouse in Minato-ku, Tokyo before 10:00 am, and President Biden received the honor guard of the Ground Self-Defense Force.

Then, the Japan-US summit meeting began after 11:00 am, and the two leaders are first facing a meeting of only two people with only an interpreter.

At the meeting, the two leaders are expected to exchange views on the situation in Ukraine and confirm the policy of continuing to unite in the G7 = seven major countries, strict sanctions on Russia and continued support for Ukraine.

In addition, with China in mind, which is expanding into the East China Sea and increasing economic intimidation to each country, we shared the recognition that unilateral changes in the status quo by force are not allowed in any region of the world, and both Japan and the United States have deterrence. It seems that they are in agreement with the policy of strengthening coping ability.

Then, Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention to drastically strengthen the defense force based on the LDP's proposal to possess "counterattack capability" to deal with ballistic missiles and to increase defense costs, and also to convey the idea of ​​drastically strengthening the defense force of the United States. I would like to confirm the strengthening of "extended deterrence" that protects Japan by the deterrence of normal forces.

In addition, it is expected to confirm the policy of close cooperation between Japan and the United States and the three countries including South Korea over the response to North Korea, which is strengthening the development of nuclear and missile technologies.

During his stay in Japan, President Biden is expected to announce the start of talks on the launch of the IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework) with a view to countering China, and Prime Minister Kishida will announce his intention to participate. We are making adjustments at.