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One soldier was injured while serving in a gun accident at the Army's front unit and is being treated at the hospital.

According to the military authorities on the 23rd, a soldier who was on duty at a GOP in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province at around 6 pm yesterday suffered a gunshot wound to the left foot and was transferred to the Armed Forces Capital Hospital.

It was confirmed that the soldier was injured by live bullets fired from the gun he was holding while working in the GOP situation room.

He is now said to be resting after he underwent sutures.

A military official said, "We are investigating whether the incident was an accidental shooting of a gun or a case of self-harm."

However, in principle, situation soldiers do not carry firearms on duty, so this accident may not be a simple accidental accident.

The GOP unit keeps the gun box open in case of emergency, but the simple ammunition depot is double locked.

Also, since the two keys are held by different situation workers, the simple ammunition depot cannot be opened by the situation soldier alone.

A military official said, "This could not have happened if the guns and ammunition box keys were being properly managed."

The injured soldier is said to have declined to comment on the circumstances of the incident.

(Photo = Yonhap News)