China News Service, Guangzhou, May 21 (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​Cool flying cars, artificial intelligence, simulated navigation, virtual reality... A group of cool high-tech appeared on the evening of the 21st at the Science Night held by the Guangdong Science Center.

  In the evening, interesting science shows, popular science movie salons, DIY experiments and other activities were staged one after another, presenting a splendid science feast to the public.

Zhou Zhenhuan, deputy director of Guangdong Science Center, introduced that Science Night is a special brand of science and technology activity week launched by Guangdong Science Center in 2017, and has been successfully held for 5 sessions so far.

With the theme of "Going into Science and Technology, Going Towards the Future", the event allows the public, especially young children, to understand and experience the magical charm of science in different fields, and stimulate the public's scientific interest and enthusiasm for innovation.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Science Center at the event site

  AI artificial intelligence is a major feature of the Science Night. In addition to the special exhibition on artificial intelligence introduced from the United Kingdom, the Guangdong Science Center also exhibited iFLYTEK's bionic robot cats and dogs, AI voice recognition, voice-controlled parkour, and voice Cool artificial intelligence experiences such as temperament identification and voice post office allow the public to feel the charm of cutting-edge science and technology.

  At the event site, Xiaopeng Huitian brought the fifth-generation flying car Traveler X2 to the Guangdong Science Center for the first time, and arranged for members of the flying group to explain and interact on the spot.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Science Center at the event site

  According to the relevant person in charge of Xiaopeng Huitian Company, the Traveler X2 is a two-person intelligent electric aircraft that is iteratively updated by Xiaopeng Huitian based on the accumulation of more than 15,000 flight data and combined with the core technology of the fourth-generation product Traveler X1. It is a staged exploration product that finally realizes the successful coupling of aircraft and automobiles.

Its arms can be folded, and the whole machine adopts a full carbon fiber structure. It has many technologies such as automatic driving, radar ranging, and perception obstacle avoidance, providing all-round guarantees from driving to safety.

  In the winglet aviation simulation experience area, many audiences learned about the important role of Beidou satellites, aircraft black boxes and other related technologies; a variety of VR, AR and XR and other high-tech technologies were also displayed at the scene, allowing audiences to learn different fires in an immersive experience. In the love scene, science uses fire extinguishers, and even travels through time and space to take a dream trip to the metaverse.