US President Biden arrived in Japan yesterday (22nd) after visiting Korea and had a summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida.

The summit's focus was on holding China in check, and President Biden said he could intervene military if China invaded Taiwan.

Correspondent Park Sang-jin from Tokyo delivered the news.


President Biden started his first itinerary by meeting Emperor Naruhito.

After that, I had a summit meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Kishida at the Tokyo Guest House from 11 am.

After a one-on-one conversation for 30 minutes with only an interpreter, the meeting lasted for about 3 hours, followed by a small group meeting and conversation while having a meal.

After the talks, the two heads of state held a joint press conference to discuss the Ukraine crisis, the Taiwan Strait issue, and North Korea's nuclear program.

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South Korea, the United States and Japan reaffirmed their policy of closely cooperative response to North Korea's nuclear and missile development.

However, the focus was on measures to contain China.

[ Kishida

/Prime Minister of Japan: The United States and Japan have decided to closely link with each other on various issues surrounding China, including attempts to change the status quo by force and human rights issues.]

said he could do it.

[Biden/President of the United States: (Are you willing to engage in military intervention to defend Taiwan?)

It is our responsibility.]

This is the most powerful and explicit statement in support of Taiwan to date, and when this statement was broadcast live, a White House official said that the United States' policy toward Taiwan has not changed and began to evolve.

In addition, Prime Minister Kishida said that President Biden supported Japan's increase in defense spending and its entry into a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

[Kishida/Prime Minister of Japan: Mentioned the need for UN reform and strengthening, and got support for Japan to become a permanent member of President Biden.]

Tomorrow, the United States, Japan, India and Australia will participate in China The quad meeting, a security cooperation chain for check-in, will be held.

(Video coverage: Han Chul-min, Moon Hyun-jin)

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