Analysis of satellite images revealed that a model similar to the Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft operated by the Self-Defense Forces was installed in the desert area of ​​inland China.

It seems that the Chinese army installed it as an attack target, and experts point out that it also aims to restrain Japan in the event of a Taiwan emergency.

This satellite image was taken by the American satellite company "Planet Loves" on the 13th of this month in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

There is something like a runway in the desert area, and you can see that there are multiple objects like aircraft installed there.

Among them, Kinichi Nishimura, a former information analyst and military analyst of the Ministry of Defense, pointed out that the large one in the center seems to be a model of AWACS operated by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, an airborne early warning and control aircraft. increase.

AWACS is also called a "flying radar site" because it is equipped with a large radar like a disk and can detect aircraft of unknown nationality approaching Japan while flying.

According to Mr. Nishimura, this place is considered to be a training ground for Chinese military missile launch experiments, and it is thought that it was set up as an attack target for training to hit missiles.

On top of that, he said, "It is thought that it clearly showed the intention to attack if Japan intervenes in a Taiwan emergency," and with the Taiwan emergency in mind, there is also an aim to restrain Japan while Japan and the United States are strengthening the alliance. I point out that.

On the other hand, Masayuki Masuda, director of the National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense, said, "Rather than an external message to Japan and other countries, we should consider that China is steadily preparing for a Taiwan emergency." He said, "China is looking at the movements of each country over Ukraine, and is becoming more cautious about how the United States and its ally Japan will move in the event of a Taiwan emergency. I think they are doing a lot of training. "