Kristin Sundberg from Storvik is one of the younger participants on site.

The course is part of the Korgen Lyfter project where the aim is to preserve traditional knowledge about baskets and basket crafts.

Interest in different objects

Kristin runs a Youtube channel where old crafts find young audiences. 

- I started the channel to share my craft knowledge with others, but also to give myself a different reason to work with handicrafts than it is perhaps more common to sell in the market or work as a handicraft teacher. 

Kristin says that she is interested in different objects that she often finds in craft museums and then tries to recreate.

The unusual wrinkle has attracted more people.

Skrucken - a completely unique basket

In the old bakery there are about ten people scattered.

In their hands they have long and narrow wooden slats which they carve with a paring knife.

Then the wet wood should be tied and braided into a completely unique basket - the wrinkle. 

- What distinguishes a wrinkle is that you start from a frame at the top of the basket, and then you build from the top down, and finish by making the bottom.

It is the only basket we know of that is made that way, says Inga-Lena Åkesson, one of the few who still knows how to make a wrinkle.