President Biden of the United States arrived in Japan on the evening of the 22nd on a presidential plane.

This is the first time President Byden has visited Japan since he took office, and China will gain influence through a summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida, a framework of four countries including Australia and India in addition to Japan and the United States, and a quad summit. I would like to confirm the unity with this in mind.

President Biden of the United States, who has been visiting Asia for the first time since taking office on the 20th of this month, arrived at the US military Yokota base in Tokyo on a presidential plane after 5 pm on the 22nd after finishing his visit to South Korea.

He plans to stay in Japan until the 24th, and will hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida on the 23rd. is.

And on the 24th, we will hold a quad summit meeting in Japan and the United States, Australia, and India.

The Biden administration has set the Indo-Pacific strategy with China, which it considers to be the "largest competitor", as the axis of diplomacy, but the situation where Russia's military invasion has forced us to devote a lot of power to respond to Ukraine continues. I am.

For this reason, President Biden reiterated his stance of emphasizing the Indo-Pacific region through a series of talks, and with China, which is becoming more influential, in mind, ties together the countries concerned in terms of both security and economy. I want to confirm.