He is a regular in the courts who was tried on Friday in an immediate appearance before the criminal court of Rennes.

Aged 28, the accused was to answer for acts of aggravated violence, kidnapping and forcible confinement and attempted extortion with violence, reports



The facts occurred on the night of April 3 to 4 in Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine).

Having surprised two young people aged 14 and 15 trying to break into his vehicle, the individual had decided to take the law into his own hands.

After giving them a fake date with the help of an accomplice, he first beat and assaulted the two teenagers with a telescopic baton.

The ordeal continued in his apartment.

He had forced the two young people to get naked and dance before filming them.

One of the two victims had also been threatened with a sword, the daily said.

The defendant then demanded 500 euros to release them.

It was the mother of one of the teenagers who finally called the gendarmerie.

Seeing a patrol circulating near his home, the individual released the two teenagers.

The court sentenced him to thirty-six months in prison, twenty-four of which were suspended.

Investigation opened after the fire of a house tagged "FLB" in Brittany


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