China News Service, Fuzhou, May 22 (Yang Bing, Linxiang and Jinpeng) "Lie down!" On the tactical training ground of the Second Brigade of the Recruits of the Recruits of the Fujian Provincial Armed Police Corps, a figure rushed out with the command of the squad leader Wang Minghui, and his movements were clean. It was neat and won rounds of applause from comrades-in-arms.

The reporter took a closer look, and the recruit Zhou Zhenyu was lying motionless on the ground, aiming his gun in front of him.

A photo of Zhou Zhenyu's father Zhou Guangshi (first from the left) when he was serving in the army (remake).

Photo by Yan Daojun

  "Fighting where he once fought, I can finally be the guardian of this land like him..." Zhou Zhenyu said excitedly, touching the steel gun in his hand.

The "he" he said was his father, Zhou Guangshi.

"My great-grandfather, great-grandfather, grandfather and grandfather all served in the army, and my grandfather served in Liu Hulan's hometown, and my great-grandfather's brother was a volunteer martyr who made great achievements in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. When I was young, I watched them wear clothes. Photos of military uniforms, I yearn and yearn very much, especially my father who has the greatest influence on me." Zhou Zhenyu told reporters.

A photo of Zhou Zhenyu's grandfather Zhou Kequan (first from the right in a row) when he was serving in the army (remake).

Photo by Yan Daojun

  Zhou Zhenyu's father, Zhou Guangshi, joined the army in 1995 and served in the Sanming City Detachment of the Fujian Provincial Armed Police Corps. During this period, he also participated in the "New Regulations Adaptation Training" organized by all levels. , After retiring from active duty in 1998, he returned to his hometown to start a business.

Although he retired from active service, he still maintains the fine style and living habits of a soldier, which has always affected Zhou Zhenyu.

  When he was young, Zhou Zhenyu often heard stories from his father that he practiced the "nine-step marksmanship", and he often took Zhou Zhenyu to practice formations, enemy punches, tactical moves, etc. Over time, Zhou Zhenyu gradually became a "soldier". look.

A photo of Zhou Zhenyu's grandfather Geng Jiafu (second from right in the first row) when he was serving in the army (remake).

Photo by Yan Daojun

  Deeply influenced and influenced by his father, Zhou Zhenyu, who is in his third year of reading, followed his father's footsteps, and resolutely put on a military uniform and embarked on the journey. old army.

  After coming to the army, Zhou Zhenyu was able to endure hardship, be more diligent, and work harder than other recruits in each training session, and practiced various movements more quickly.

In queue training, movements such as head-up, chest-lifting, and abdominal retraction are never corrected by the squad leader, and all movements such as pacing, gaiting, and running are standard and standardized, so that squad leaders can’t pick out any faults.

Zhou Zhenyu is undergoing assassination training.

Photo by Yan Daojun

  "Stab! Stab!" "Kill!" During the training of the assassination course, Zhou Zhenyu's killing sound was shocking, and his movements were crisp and powerful. A perfect thrusting movement left a deep impression on Cui Tingting, the captain of the fourth squadron of recruits: "This young man is really Not bad! It is very imposing and bloody, the footsteps and the shooting movements are coordinated, and the thrusting movements are also very powerful!"

  Under various praises, Zhou Zhenyu was not complacent. Instead, he often used his spare time to help other comrades with poor comprehension ability, helping them solve their doubts and practice movements, which led to the progress and improvement of the entire group.

He was honored as a "military training pacesetter" last month, and his class was honored as an "excellent class."

Zhou Zhenyu is training in shooting aiming.

Photo by Yan Daojun

  A family of four generations served the country in the military, and passed down from generation to generation with great ambitions.

Zhou Zhenyu said: "In the past, most of my understanding of the army came from the Internet and my father's narration. Now my identity and mentality are different. I chose the army camp with the hope and entrustment of my father, and fulfilled my own wish." ( Finish)