• Andalusia They investigate a possible gang rape of a young woman in Granada


National Police

has ruled out that the 22-year-old girl who reported a sexual assault in Granada on Wednesday was the victim of a

gang rape


As reported by this armed body, which has taken charge of the investigation, the steps taken by

the Family and Women's Care Unit



) attached to the

Judicial Police

have served to rule out that the complainant was a victim of rape. in a group.

The events date back to this Wednesday, when a 22-year-old girl places the attack that, according to what she denounced, occurred when she was leaving a nightclub.

Initial information pointed to four men as being responsible for the rape, who would have assaulted the girl at dawn from a vehicle in which they supposedly put her in order to take her to a solitary area where they would have consummated the

sexual assault



National Police

has added that it continues with the investigation to clarify whether or not there is some type of criminal act and, in that case, the perpetrator.

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