Today is biodiversity day as part of what the association and a number of Luleå's garden associations have invited to a plant change day.

- We live in a life where many ecosystems disappear and this is something we want to protect so that our pollinators get so much to live on, says Lotta Lindgren.

Go home with as many plants as you brought

The plant change is the first of its kind to be arranged in Luleå, however, there have been clothes change days with a similar idea arranged by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

The concept for the day is simple.

You can leave as many plants as you submit.

One of the more than 50 people who chose to exchange plants and seeds with each other was Jenny Fröjd.

- I think it is practical to be able to give away a flower and get seeds instead.

It feels like a good aspect, she says.