President Biden of the United States, who is visiting Asia for the first time since taking office, visited South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and the headquarters of the Air Force near the capital Seoul, and then set out for the next country to visit, Japan.

US President Joe Biden, who has been visiting South Korea since the 20th, visited President Yoon Seok-yeol and the headquarters at the Osan Air Force Base near the capital Seoul on the afternoon of the 22nd.

This headquarters has the function of both the US and South Korean forces commanding all operations in the air in the event of a Korean Peninsula emergency, and according to the Korean media, this is the first time that the US president has visited.

In it, President Biden said, "Deterring threats and bringing stability is essential not only for the Korean Peninsula but for the entire world."

In addition, President Yun encouraged the soldiers in the field, saying, "It is a central place to jointly respond to the increasingly sophisticated North nuclear and missile threats every day, and is a symbol of the Korea-US alliance."

It seems that the United States and South Korea are aiming to show that South Korea's defense is perfect against the threat of North Korean missiles by disclosing the appearance of all the leaders visiting the military headquarters.

Prior to this, President Biden told reporters that he was concerned about North Korea's nuclear test and ballistic missile launch. I've been thinking about it. I'm not worried. "

After finishing the schedule in South Korea, President Biden will leave for Japan, the next country to visit, after 3:30 pm today, and will arrive at the US military Yokota base in Tokyo around 5 pm.