War is declared between Carole Delga and LFI.

The socialist president of the Occitanie region, fierce opponent of the Nupes alliance concluded on the left around the Insoumis for the legislative elections, affirms to the

Journal du Dimanche to

have become "the woman to be killed" for the camp of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“The candidates of the Nupes (New popular, ecological and social union) do not have the right to contact me.

La France insoumise forbids it, ”says Carole Delga in this interview.

"For some rebels, I am the woman to be killed", she adds, reaffirming that she would support left-wing candidates outside of this LFI-PS-PCF-EELV-Generations agreement which she describes as "tampering electoral” and “submission to Jean-Luc Mélenchon”.

Elisabeth Borne carries "a neoliberal project"

“In this Nupes, there are deep disagreements, major omissions!

The signatories are divided on international issues, energy, economics, the rule of law and secularism.

Just that !

It's a lack of respect for the French, ”she criticizes.

The elected socialist also confirms that she, for her part, wants to organize a “states general of the left” at the start of the school year to “refound the republican promise through a project for a just and sustainable society”.

Asked also whether the post of Prime Minister had been offered to her, she replied that she had been "tested" by relatives of President Macron.

But “my answer was quick: I cannot be Prime Minister of a right-wing government”.

If she recognizes that Elisabeth Borne, chosen for Matignon, “has a past on the left”, she adds that she “carries today a neoliberal project which will fracture this country even more”.

Carole Delga, president of Regions of France, also indicates that Elisabeth Borne had accepted her request to receive all the presidents of the region at the end of June-beginning of July.

She therefore launches “an appeal: that this government establish a real partnership with local elected officials”.


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