Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara confirms the strengthening of "extended deterrence" to protect Japan by deterring US nuclear and conventional forces at the Japan-US summit meeting between Prime Minister Kishida and US President Joe Biden on the 23rd. He showed the prospect that it would be.

In connection with the Japan-US summit meeting to be held on the 23rd, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara said in the Fuji TV program "Sunday News THE PRIME" that "the deterrence and coping power of the Japan-US alliance must be improved. Is the cornerstone of Japan's diplomatic security and the foundation of regional peace and security, so we will continue to improve it. "

On top of that, I understand that it is important to firmly carry out "expansion deterrence" to protect Japan by the deterrence of US nuclear forces and conventional forces, and that discussions will proceed in that direction. At the Japan-US summit meeting, he said that he would confirm the strengthening of "extended deterrence."

Also, in connection with the IPEF = Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, which President Biden is expected to announce, "IPEF is welcomed as it will be the beginning of the involvement of the United States in the Indo-Pacific. Japan is also positively considering participation. The important thing is to be open to the community and create a fair economic framework. "