President Biden has already arrived in Japan, his next destination.

Let's connect Tokyo.

Correspondent Park Sang-jin, arrived in Japan around 5pm?


Yes, President Biden arrived at Yokoda Air Base outside Tokyo, Japan, about 3 hours ago, around 5:00 PM.

Upon arrival, President Biden took a helicopter to downtown Tokyo, and it appears that President Biden is currently resting at his accommodation without any special plans.

In the Japanese government, Foreign Minister Hayashi personally went to the airport to greet him.

Since last week, in preparation for President Biden's visit and the quad meeting, Japan has sent 18,000 police officers to significantly strengthen the vigilance of major facilities such as airports.

Of course, traffic control is in place, and around the US embassy in Japan, barricades are being put up in layers from the entrance and checkpoints are taking place.


So, is the US-Japan summit going to be held tomorrow (23rd)?


Yes, President Biden is scheduled to meet with Emperor Naruhito for the first time tomorrow morning, followed by a US-Japan summit with Prime Minister Kishida.

The two leaders are expected to discuss the Ukraine crisis, measures to contain China, and North Korea's nuclear program. Japanese media report that Prime Minister Kishida emphasized the US-Japan alliance at this summit and would express an increase in Japan's defense spending.

In the afternoon, we plan to officially declare the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, IPEF (IPEF), a US-led initiative for the economic sphere.

A quad meeting, a security cooperation chain to contain China, is also scheduled, in which the US, Japan, India, and Australia participate, and the quad meeting is scheduled to be held the day after tomorrow.

(Video coverage: Han Chul-min, Moon Hyun-jin)