China News Service, May 22. On May 21, Australia held a new federal parliamentary election.

Preliminary vote counts show Labor leading the ruling Liberal-National coalition by a wide margin.

The current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded defeat, and the current Labor leader Albanese will become the new Australian Prime Minister.

Albanese speaks to supporters at a Labour party event in Sydney, Australia, May 22, 2022.


  Born in 1963, Albanese grew up in a single-parent family and lived with his mother in low-cost public housing in the inner Sydney suburb of Camperton.

His parents separated early, and he has been living with his mother and maternal grandparents.

  Albanese often refers to his experiences as a single parent.

He once told the media that his early experiences had a greater impact on his political career.

"Money is always tight in our family," he said in a speech. "So, my mom taught me the value of a dollar as well. That's why, when I think about government spending, I'm cautious."

"Old Labourer" who has been in politics for over 26 years

  Albanese has been in politics for at least 26 years and is described by his peers as "moderate, pragmatic and credible".

  The Australian says he has worked hard to strengthen his credibility as an "old Laborer" - often describing Labor as one of his top three beliefs.

  Albanese entered federal parliament in 1996, representing the seat of Gradler in inner Sydney.

Between 2007 and 2013, he began serving as cabinet ministers, including transport and infrastructure ministers, and briefly served as deputy prime minister during Rudd's tenure as prime minister.

Voters line up outside a polling station in Sydney, Australia, May 20, 2022.

  In 2019, Albanese was elected leader of the Labour Party without a rival after Australia's Labour Party fiasco.

  In Australia's federal parliamentary election, Albanese promised voters "renewal, not revolution" and called himself a "builder" of the country.

  When asked what he could bring to the prime minister's job, Albanese said, "integrity and the ability to take responsibility", "I don't pretend to be perfect, what I do is take responsibility".