The science world's series "The Swedish school experiment" has examined how the failed grade in primary school closes life chances for 16,000 students per year and seems to increase the risk of suicide.

- We appoint an inquiry to look at the transition between primary and secondary school.

Our goal is for all students to feel at home in school and manage school, says Minister of Education Lina Axelsson Kihlblom (S).

And the inquiry should look at whether the failed grades should be removed?

- This will of course be a part of the whole thing, but I think I do not want to precede, I want the investigator together with researchers, with teachers and so on to come up with something that actually motivates the students - which creates a school system where everyone students feel that they are on a learning journey to an adult life at work, the Minister of Education continues.

In the video, you hear the reaction from Allli Klapp, school researcher at the University of Gothenburg and Liam about what it was like to fail in primary school and the worry of not being able to enter high school.

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