President Biden of the United States, who is visiting Asia for the first time since taking office, will leave South Korea, the first country he visited, on the afternoon of the 22nd and arrive in Japan in the evening.

During his stay in Japan, in addition to the summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida, he will attend the quad summit meeting, which is the framework of the four countries of Japan, the United States, Australia and India.

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Depart South Korea on a presidential plane (after 3:30 pm Japan time)

President Biden left South Korea for Japan on a presidential plane after 3:30 pm on the 22nd.

He will arrive in Japan on the evening of the 22nd.

President Biden will hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Kishida on the 23rd, and will attend the summit meeting of Quad, a framework of four countries including Australia and India in addition to Japan and the United States on the 24th.

During his stay in Japan, he is also expected to announce the start of discussions to launch a new economic partnership IPEF (IPEF) Indo-Pacific Economic Framework with a view to countering China.