The leaders of Finland and Sweden in Scandinavia had a series of telephone talks with Turkey's President Erdogan over the accession to NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization on the 21st, but President Erdogan was reluctant to join the two countries again. ..

Following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden, which have maintained military neutrality so far, applied for NATO membership on the 18th, but Turkey, a member country, has Turkey and EU = Europe in both countries. It has opposed the fact that the Kurdish armed groups designated by the Union as terrorist organizations are active.

Under these circumstances, on the 21st, the leaders of both countries had a series of telephone talks with Turkish President Erdogan.

According to the announcement by the Turkish Presidential Office, Sweden's Prime Minister Andersson is urged to take concrete actions, saying that "political and financial support for terrorist organizations and the provision of weapons must be stopped." I was reluctant to join NATO again.

"We look forward to strengthening our relationship, including peace, security, and the war on terror," Andersson wrote on Twitter.

Finland's President Sauli Niinistö also posted on Twitter that "telephone talks were open and direct," stressing Finland's condemnation of all forms of terrorism.

Membership of both countries requires the consent of all NATO member countries, and the future focus on Turkey's departure.