During the spring, an unusual number of cases of monkey pox were discovered in Europe.

Over 40 cases were detected in Spain and Portugal.

Now a case of monkey pox has also been found in Stockholm.

- The person in Sweden who has been confirmed to be infected with the virus is not seriously ill, but has received care.

We do not yet know where the person became infected.

Investigation is ongoing right now, says infection doctor and investigator Klara Sondén at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Västerbotten is affected

- Monkey pox has been a very unusual virus, but now that it is so close, we have gone out with information to healthcare, says Gunilla Persson, assistant infection control doctor, and continues:

- As people travel more now, there is a greater risk of taking the virus home.

In addition, the virus has had a higher impact and there is a risk that the virus can also spread in Västerbotten.

Causes blisters, sores and fever

If you suspect that you have been infected, you should contact your healthcare provider for sampling.

- You can cause symptoms such as blisters and sores, skin rashes, fever and a general feeling of illness, says Persson.

The Swedish Public Health Agency is now investigating whether there are more cases in Sweden.

Hear in the clip how the region prepares the care for monkey pox.