Travel professional Alex Waltner runs one of Sweden's largest travel blogs and has traveled around the world on a cheap penny.

In the clip above, he talks about the shortcuts that maybe not everyone knows, to travel smarter.

More tips that may be worth trying:

• Look for early-bird discounts if you already know what dates to travel.

Booking two one-way trips instead of round trips can sometimes be a cheaper option. 

• Talk to the flight attendants, they often have a lot of information and know which places are best to eat and drink. 

• Read conditions, such as baggage rules, to avoid unnecessary expenses. 

• Pack smart and avoid extra costs for luggage.

Roll up your clothes, or use packing bags.

A luggage scale can also be good to bring.  

If you travel outside the EU, buy a local SIM card with data to have access to the internet.

Download maps for offline mode. 

• Do not forget to claim VAT back if you buy something abroad that is approved as tax-free. 

• Bring a water bottle with a built-in filter on the go, and save both the environment and your money.