While reports of patients with the infectious disease "monkeypox" with symptoms similar to smallpox are being reported one after another, mainly in Europe and the United States, the WHO = World Health Organization has revealed that about 80 patients have been reported from 11 countries so far. He called on each country to be cautious, saying, "There is a possibility that more patients will be reported in the future."

"Monkeypox" is a viral infectious disease mainly found in Africa, but this month there have been a series of reports of patients mainly in Europe and the United States such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

On the 20th, UK health officials announced that they had confirmed 11 additional cases, as well as new cases in Germany and the Netherlands.

WHO has released a statement stating that approximately 80 cases have been identified in 11 countries so far.

He said, "As the investigation progresses, more patients may be reported." He said that he will work with each country to treat patients and prevent the spread of infection.

In addition, the WHO European Regional Secretariat said, "There is concern about the spread of the infection before the summer when large numbers of people gather at events and parties," and most of the patients confirmed so far have been confirmed. Although it is only mild, infants and pregnant women may become seriously ill, calling for caution.