The Russian military has provoked outrage when it was revealed that a grenade was installed in the piano of a Ukrainian family who was away from an attack.

According to the British media Daily Mail on the 13th local time, her mother Tatiana Monko, who lives in Bucha, Ukraine, fled with her family to escape a Russian invasion and returned to her home last week, according to the Daily Mail. came.

When she returned, the walls of her house had collapsed, and her valuables had already been looted.

Tatiana's daughter Daryna was the first thing she wanted to play when she got home, and fortunately the piano remained at home.

Her mother Tatiana noticed something strange as Darina pressed her piano keys, which she had not been able to play.

Before she evacuated, her daughter's trophies were lying on her piano, but when she returned, the positions had been slightly altered.

Out of fear, Tatiana stopped her daughter from playing the piano and opened the lid of her piano, which contained a grenade (VOG-25P) installed inside.

This grenade is an explosive device that explodes immediately when touched with a 'booby trap'.

If her daughter continued to play the piano, her grenade detonated and her family could lose her life.

The grenade inside the piano was reportedly safely removed by Ukrainian bomb disposal experts.

"I want the world to know what Russian soldiers are doing," Tatiana expressed her anger in an interview with her local media outlet.

"How many more Ukrainian children have to live in such danger?" he vomited.

"I want to shout to the world, 'This war must stop,'" Tatiana said.

"Thanks to her mother's vigilance, no one was hurt. It is a miracle that the grenade hidden in her piano did not explode," said Anton Geraszchenko of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, when she heard the story.

Netizens who heard Tatiana's story showed reactions such as "Her mother's instinct saved her family", "Grenade on the piano, it's terrible", "War turns people into monsters", etc.

(Photo = Mariana Hlieva's Facebook)