In Mexico, a story was told of a girl who cut banknotes with scissors.   

According to foreign media such as LOS40 Mexico on the 18th local time, Mr. A, a woman living in Mexico, entered her daughter's room a few days ago and she witnessed an amazing sight. 

Sitting in front of her desk, her daughter was holding pink scissors and eagerly cutting out banknotes.

On her desk were several already cut banknotes. 

After filming this appearance on video, Mr. A quickly took the bills and scissors from her daughter's hands.

When she asked her daughter, “Why did you do this?” she replied that her answer was absurd. 

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The daughter explained that she was doing her school homework, drawing historical figures from Mexico and writing a description of each.

It was the portrait of the historical figure on the banknote, which the daughter carefully cut out with scissors. 

When Mr. A entered her room, her daughter cut out the characters from 5 banknotes: 500 pesos (about 30,000 won), 100 pesos (about 6,000 won), and 20 pesos (about 1,300 won). It was pasted on paper. 

Her daughter was caught by her mother while cutting her 200 pesos (about 13,000 won) for her sixth time, and a video of the show garnered more than 5 million views and went viral. 

Netizens who saw the video responded, "It seems like the most expensive homework a child did at school", "How do you think like that? It's creative", and "I'm glad it didn't work for my mother". 

(Photos and video = '_la_papeleria_' TikTok)