Who are the members of the "Royal Family Council" in Jordan who took the decision to restrict Prince Hamzah's movements?!

Jordanian King Abdullah II issued an order approving the opinion of the "Royal Family Council" formed under Article (8) of the Royal Family Law of 1937, in the Official Gazette, which includes restricting the communications, residence and movements of his brother Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein within the place specified for him.

The official name of the council suggests that it is made up of members of the royal family in Jordan, which has spread widely on social media, but legal authorities have interpreted the matter, making it clear that it is the council that makes decisions related to the royal family.

The council formed according to Article 8 of the Royal Family Law of 1937 consists of Prince Ali bin Al Hussein as Chairman and the membership of each of the Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs / Member of the Government appointed by the Prime Minister Ibrahim Mashhour Al-Jazi, Chief Justice Abdul-Rahman Al-Jazi, Chief Justice Court of Cassation, Dr. Muhammad invasion.

The Council had taken its decision, which stipulated “After reviewing the papers and the investigations that came with them, and taking into account the supreme national interest that requires taking precautionary measures to ensure the protection of the state, strengthening its bonds, and facing any challenges or dangers that affect the security of the state and the safety of its lands and people, and since the actions issued by the Emir Hamzah bin Al-Hussein constitutes a breach of public order and harms the security and stability of the homeland and would jeopardize the safety and security of society.Therefore, and based on the provisions of Article (15) of the same law, the Council considers restricting Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein’s contacts, residence and movements within the place specified for him.

Yesterday, Thursday, King Abdullah II announced that he had decided to "accept the recommendation of the council formed under the Royal Family Law, to restrict Prince Hamzah's contacts, residence and movements", "after exhausting attempts to deal with everything that came from my brother Hamzah within the framework of the family."

And the king added in a lengthy message that a year and a half after revealing the details of the "sedition" case, Prince Hamzah "has exhausted all opportunities to return to his senses and abide by the biography of our family", and that he "lives in an illusion that he sees himself as the guardian of our Hashemite heritage" and is still "ignoring all facts." and irrefutable evidence, and manipulates facts and events to reinforce his false narrative.

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