The weather is getting hotter, and an old topic is being discussed again. Where is the best place to escape the summer?

There is no doubt that Colorful Guizhou must be on the list!

But if you think that Guizhou can only escape the summer heat, you are wrong.

What are the eye-popping beauty in Guizhou?

What are the amazing delicacies in Guizhou?

What are the proud heritages of Guizhou?

What are the must-see check-in places in Guizhou?

Expand the long comics, take you to quickly understand Guizhou, fall in love with Guizhou↓↓↓


Mobile phone landscape effect is better

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Guizhou has worked hard and made active efforts to achieve a comprehensive victory in poverty alleviation. All 9.23 million poor people have been lifted out of poverty, and the number of poverty alleviation is the largest in the country.

"The sky is not sunny for three days, the ground is not three feet flat, and the people are not three-pointed silver", this is the impression people have of Guizhou in the past.

Now, walking on the land of Guizhou again, the landscape of the mountains and villages has undergone historic changes.

Let us go all the way in "Qiang" and move towards the next "Golden Decade" together.