The atmosphere was very enthusiastic at the memorial ceremony held by the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate for fellow Al-Jazeera correspondent Sherine Abu Aqleh, who was assassinated by the occupation forces. The attendees chanted for Sherine, Palestine and against Israel.

The ceremony, which was held on Wednesday evening at the union headquarters in Cairo, witnessed a large attendance, and included many activities, including the signing of the condolences book of the late colleague, as well as words and poems, but the most exciting were the chants chanted by the attendees in support of Palestine and criticism of Israel, criticism that may not have been repeated in Egypt since long time.

In conclusion, the Syndicate of Egyptian Journalists, Diaa Rashwan, spoke, to announce that the Syndicate joined all the legal procedures and steps taken by the Arab Journalists Union and the International Federation of Journalists, to sue the "Zionist entity", as he described it.

He also announced the inauguration of an award bearing the name of the late Sherine Abu Aqleh within the annual competition awards for the Egyptian press, dedicated to coverage of Palestinian affairs.