According to Marlene Areskog, the view of pets has changed and the owners demand better care.

She says that Sweden today is ahead of most other countries, including in the work with antibiotics.

- Before, we could use antibiotics and that was clear, but when we have to find other types of treatments, it can also affect the price.

But can you understand that dog owners can get a shock when a seemingly simple eye inflammation costs several thousand kroner?

- Yes, I can, but it is very expensive to have advanced equipment and specialist competence on call and everyone must of course be involved and share that cost.

Many are insured

Today, no other country in the world has such a large proportion of dogs and cats with veterinary insurance as Sweden, according to figures from Agria, which means that nine out of ten dogs and more than half of all cats are insured.

According to the industry association Svensk Försäkring, one reason why the market for animal insurance is growing may be that more Swedes have chosen to obtain animals during the pandemic, but also that veterinary costs are increasing.