(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Taiwan added 85,761 confirmed cases. Public opinion criticized epidemic prevention as "unorganized"

  China News Agency, Taipei, May 20. Taiwan reported 85,761 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the 20th, including 85,720 local cases and 41 imported cases, and 49 new deaths.

Taiwanese public opinion questioned the "no rules" of the Taiwan authorities' anti-epidemic measures.

  The "epidemic epidemic command center" of the Taiwan authorities introduced on the same day that the newly added local patients were between the ages of under 5 and over 90 years old, and they were distributed in 22 counties and cities in Taiwan. Among them, New Taipei City had the most cases of 23,704, followed by Taoyuan City. 11,684 cases and 11,414 cases in Taipei City; the new deaths were in patients in their 30s to over 90 years old, all of them were severely infected and had a history of chronic diseases, and 21 of them had not been vaccinated.

  In response to the Taiwan authorities' anti-epidemic policy, the "United Daily News" editorial on the 20th pointed out that "it is either 'lack' or 'chaos', and there are no rules and regulations."

The article commented that Taiwan lacked masks in the first year of the epidemic, lacked vaccines in the second year, and lacked rapid screening reagents and medicines in the third year. It all depended on the people to seek more happiness and lost many innocent lives. Such chaos, the Taiwan authorities It can still boast of "advance deployment"; observing the current situation, the medical system frequently raises alarms, epidemic prevention personnel from all over the country turn their backs, and people in emergency stations frequently wait for a long time to be cured.

The article said that the Taiwan authorities' "successful epidemic prevention" could not stand the test of facts.

  The Taiwan authorities have recently stipulated that people diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia can self-manage after 7 days of isolation. Zhongshi News reported on the 20th that on the issue of whether they can return to work if they are still positive during the self-management period, the labor affairs department of the Taiwan authorities said that after the isolation is lifted Employers cannot refuse if a confirmed patient wishes to go to work.

  According to a report by Zhongshi News on the 20th, the epidemic situation in Taiwan is severe. Hualien County, Chiayi City, Taitung County, Miaoli County and other counties and cities have successively announced in the past two days that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will suspend classes from the 23rd and switch to online teaching. According to statistics from the education affairs department of the Taiwan authorities on the 19th, 116,337 students have been diagnosed in Taiwan, and 2,228 schools have suspended classes and adopted online teaching.