President Yoon Seok-yeol will preside over the first official cabinet meeting of the new government at the government complex in Sejong on the 26th.

Earlier, on the 12th, President Yoon held an ad hoc cabinet meeting to approve the supplementary budget bill at the presidential office in Yongsan, Seoul.

The temporary cabinet meeting was attended by Minister of Health and Welfare Kwon Deok-cheol and Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Noh Hyeong-wook, who were appointed by the Moon Jae-in government to achieve a quorum for dogs.

Only ministers appointed by the new government will attend the official cabinet meeting on the 26th, and attention is focused on whether or not health and welfare minister candidate Jeong Ho-young will be appointed to attend the cabinet meeting.

The National Assembly is scheduled to vote on the appointment motion for Prime Minister Han Deok-soo at 4 pm today (20th), and it is said that the presidential office will decide on the course of Candidate Ho-young Jeong after looking at the results of the approval of a prime minister candidate.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)